Auto & Industrial Equipment Lifting


Auto & Industrial Equipment Lifting Servicing

Being a smart lift user starts and ends with being a safe lift user. Like all other services we offer Rotating Services is focused on safety over all other things. We’ve put together these guidelines for staying safe while using a vehicle lift. We have the equipment for two-post and four-post lifts and we are happy to do this service for you to ensure the safety and effectivness of the job. We make lift safety a habit and always follow these best practices.

  1. Know your lift. We start every shift with a lift walk around and to ensure the lift does not have any signs of needing service. 
  2. Choose the right lift and accessories for the job. We then consider the lift’s rated load capacity, clearances and ability to reach the vehicle manufacturer-recommended lifting points.
  3. Get lift operator training. Our staff is fully trained and certified on how to properly use our lifts.
  4. Lift it right. We don’t start lifting until we’ve determined the vehicle’s center of gravity and OEM-recommended lifting points.
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