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Rotating Services, LLC, along with Industrial Hoists, LLC, and Rotating Equipment, LLC were founded out of Anchorage, Alaska in 1999 and operates all over the country specializing in doing quality work in remote and hard to get to places in Alaska.  Though we operate all over, our main offices are in Anchorage and in Fairbanks.  If you are looking for the Anchorage office please visit the Anchorage Office Page.


Out of both Anchorage and Fairbanks we service and sell industrial equipment and parts such as compressors, generators, turbine power plants, vibration equipment, and pumps.  Our clients have range from military contracts to work for the municipality, oil and gas producers, automotive dealers, and private companies such as Costco.  Our staff consists of mostly engineers and certified technicians, but we have all the necessary knowledge, connections, and experienced sub contractors to get any job done right.

Our field service includes installation, commissioning, overhauls, refurbishments, vibration alignments, as well as performing predictive maintenance. Our specialty is in emergency service and repair as well as employee leasing for in-house projects.

We have always prided ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients, being there 24/7 for them, and staying committed to serving them as their needs change over time.

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