Alignment and Vibration (And Upcoming Training)


Maintaining and routinely servicing equipment is critical for reducing accidents, keeping quality, and making your equipment last.  We specialize in making sure your equipment stays safe and works the way it should for years. We’ve done routine maintenance and servicing for alignment and vibration throughout bush Alaska and all over the country since 1999.

November 2020 ‘No Excuses Webinars’ with Ludeca.  Register by Clicking HERE!

We can’t wait to safely resume our popular #NoExcuses hands-on workshops. For now, please join us virtually and learn from our highly experienced instructors. Topics covered include how to use condition monitoring technologies to reduce equipment and bearing failures and downtime, thus improving safety and extending asset life.

Our November webinar series will include four short technical presentations complemented by a live demonstration utilizing the technology (in lieu of hands-on), and a Q&A via a live chat with the presenters —all in 60 minutes each and complimentary!

Each learning session includes a downloadable handout to follow along with and a Certificate of Completion at the end of each one. Register now!


Upcoming November Webinars:

  1. Align Belt-Driven Machinery Precisely
  2. Measure Machine Movement Properly (Thermal Growth And Pipe Stress)
  3. Detect Leaks Efficiently
  4. Balance Machinery Correctly


Details as follows:

  • Free of charge to attendees but registration is required. Each webinar/topic requires a registration. Sorry, we don’t have an enterprise platform at this time.
  • Max webinar capacity: 500 people per session.
  • Time: 11:00 AM EST


Our Alignment and Vibration Services include but are not limited to:

-Monitoring of positional changes (thermal growth) in rotating machinery or structures.

-Laser flatness and straightness measurement with 3D color reports.

-Steam path, bearing bore, and diaphragm alignment of large steam turbines as well as bore alignment of diesel engines and gas turbines.

-Vertical hydroelectric turbine plumbness alignment.

-Single-bearing and single-pedestal-bearing generator laser alignment.

-Laser alignment of vertical flange-mounted pumps and Motors.

-Laser shaft alignment & foundation measurement for rotating machinery.

-Parallelism measurement

-Roll alignment


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