Installation, Maintenance, and Repair


There are not many things, if any, that we are unable to install or service.

We have made a name for ourselves over the course of the last 20 years of being able to install and repair equipment around the clock, no matter how difficult the location is to reach.


Some examples of some of the things we can Install, Maintain, or Repair:

-Routine maintenance jobs on compressed air systems, breathing air systems (non medical), and high pressure tank filling.
-Hoisthand shopcrane for auto lifts, wheel lifts, tuggers, manrides.
-Load testing
-Inspections certified for conditional use (ASME/OSHA/ALI/NIST/NTED)
-Scales Calibration and Repair
-We inspect overhead cranes * hoists
-Load testing, inspection, and certification of spreader bars.
-Auto-lift Inspection or Service: We inspect and certify per guidelines from the automotive lift institute guidelines (ASME/OSHA/ALI)
-Install and service dryers, thermostatic bypass valves, and oil water separators.
-Servicing non medical breathing air systems


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