Introducing Easy-Laser® GENERATION XT660 Shaft and XT190 Belt Alignment systems

Easy-Laser® GENERATION XT gives you the freedom to perform laser shaft and belt alignment with ease and precision with tablets, phones and/or Easy-Laser display unit.

EASY-LASER® XT11 alignment computer

Learn more about the iF DESIGN AWARD-winning Easy-Laser® display unit for laser-based alignment measurements

Precision Alignment Solutions by Easy-Laser®

LUDECA offers a complete solution for industrial alignment with Easy-Laser® E-Series and Generation XT.

Shaft Alignment with Easy-Laser® E710

Precision laser alignment of rotating equipment

Easy-Laser® GENERATION XT - A new era in laser shaft alignment is here

Easy-Laser® GENERATION XT: a new system that gives you the freedom to move seamlessly between hardware platforms and perform laser shaft alignment with ease and precision.

LUDECA and EASY-LASER® Alignment and Geometric Solutions

LUDECA and EASY-LASER® are excited about the opportunity to serve existing and future customers with the best products for their maintenance and reliability needs.

LUDECAwind and EASY-LASER® Alignment and Measurement Solutions for the Wind Industry

LUDECAwind and EASY-LASER® are excited about the opportunity to serve the wind power industry.

Bore Alignment with Easy-Laser® E950

Laser alignment measurement of bores and bearings in engines, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, and pumps.

Flatness Measurement with Easy-Laser® E720

Laser flatness measurement of base plates, compressor frames and flanges.