SDT200 Ultrasound Detector - Introduction

The SDT200 Ultrasound Detector from SDT Ultrasound Solutions - the affordable ultrasound solution for everyone. Reducing energy costs is a challenge faced by many in today's difficult economy. SDT has developed the SDT200 to help

SDT270 introduction video

The SDT270 is not just another measurement tool. It has been designed by and for maintenance professionals. This one instrument is a unique combination of features covering practically all predictive maintenance applications: It is engineered for bearing condition monitoring and lubrication, ultrasonic steam trap testing, electrical inspections, hydraulic inspections, leak detection and much more.

SDT LUBExpert - Your ultrasound lubrication assistant

LUBExpert combines SDT’s strong measurement capabilities and clever user interface to create the Onboard Lubrication Assistant. An intelligent, algorithm driven assistant guides you to a perfect lubrication. With only a few machine parameters, LUBExpert monitors each stroke of grease and its effect on bearing friction and temperature. Optimal lubricant levels are reported with “GOOD”, “BAD”, or “SUSPECT” status report for each bearing.